Introducing CCL ArtHive

a new division of CCL Label

CCL ArtHive logo white
CCL Logo White

What is CCL ArtHive?

A cloud-based

global artwork and label
management system


Highly Reliable

artwork process

Unlimited Database

aided language settings; easily manageable

Automatic language
to label

artwork content process

High Approval Rate

on the first release

Time & Cost Savings

quicker to production

Close to print
Artwork set up

links to label management system

global management icon


Fully Automatic

process from artwork to print

Customer Upload CaPAbilities

for inputing PDF artwork files into a central data pool.
Receive instant preflight feedback and a print-ready status

Repeated Orders

can be automatically generated and sent directly
to the digital press

User-friendly System

provides an overview of artwork and label specifications, with search and filter functions

label management icon

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